Task Manager 2014 is a complete ground up re-write of Task Manager 2008 incorporating all the best features of the old version and a bunch of new ones. TM2014 is built around the Coal Log logging standard and can convert old TM2008 logs on the fly to the new standard.

Some of the differences between TM2008 and TM20014 are:

  • A sleek new user interface using a more traditional MDI (Multiple Document Interface) design with better interaction and communication between various parts of the application.
  • Improved options for displaying geophysics curves, customisable options including line style, width, colour plus various options for smoothing or exaggerating curves. Plus, TM2014 displays every curve in the LAS file, not just the ones we predefined in TM2008.
  • A single rendering engine sits behind the scenes generating graphic logs, brightness profiles and cross sections. So all the customisation you use for graphic logs can be applied everywhere. TM2008 had seperate rendering engines for each function so options varied between them and wasn’t always consistent.
  • Integrated mapping using DotSpatial displays your boreholes in their true location with support for displaying standard file formats such as .shp and .dxf files.
  • Cross Section generator is now more user editable, i.e. once you’ve created a cross section you can drag things around or turn them on/off such as bore holes, labels and correlations. In fact, everything on the screen is an object that can be manipulated to create better looking sections.
  • We’ve removed all dependancies on third party applications such as Microsoft Office, MapInfo and Adobe Acrobat. TM2014 can now read and write Excel files directly and create PDF files all by itself…and faster!

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