TM2014 now fully supports Coal Log V2.0

While TM2014 was one of the first products to support Coal Log V1 we were a little slower adopting V2. This was mainly because most of our clients were perfectly happy on V1 so there wasn’t much incentive to “upgrade”. However we’ve recently started to receive more inquiries for V2 so we figured we’d better do something about it!

The main difference between Coal Log V1 and V2 is the drilling sheets. In V2 the drilling was split into three separate sheets, Drill Details, Drill Depths and Drill Runs. For more information refer to the Coal Log page on ACARP‘s web site.

TM2014 has supported V2 Excel logs (Data Entry Template) for a while but only supported V1 import/export (Coal Log Transfer File) CSV’s and any new logs defaulted to V1. This has now been remedied and TM now fully supports V2.0

Furthermore, if you have a mix of V1 and V2 logs, TM will automatically convert the V1 logs to V2.

So, if you’ve been holding off trying TM2014 due to lack of Coal Log V2 support, you’ve got no excuse now, download a free 30 day trial today!

Also, if you’re considering converting your data to Coal Log, we can help with that too!

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