Using the Folder Settings Wizard

Getting the folder settings right in TM2014 can be tricky, but get it right and you’re life will be a whole lot easier. With the right settings, LAS files can be loaded with a couple of clicks or even automatically, Core Photos and Rehab photos are indexed automatically and right at your finger tips.

In the old TM, the folder structure was hard coded and just worked. However, as TM got out into the wild we discovered not everyone uses the same filing system, and usually for good reason. So with TM2014 we made the folder structure completely configurable but with that came some complexity.

TM folder settings use tokens to define key fields such as Lease_No, Project, Hole_Name etc. TM can then substitute these tokens with information from the logging sheet to help it locate LAS files and photos. You can even configure multiple alternate locations and TM will search all of them until it finds what it’s looking for.

However, getting these settings right is not always easy so we built the Folder Settings Wizard to help. The wizard works by using an existing hole as a reference, you tell it where the LAS files and photos are for that hole and TM figures out the tokens it can use for the setting.

Here’s a step by step guide:

First, load a hole then open a graphic log window and find the Files tab in the bottom section. Then right click on the LASFolder setting and select Folder Settings Wizard

This will bring up the Folder Settings Wizard (shown below) with the LASFolder setting already selected. Any existing setting will be shown along with their interpretation(s).

In this example I already have two alternate values. One token based setting and one direct folder location. The token based folder interprets so a folder that doesn’t exist and is therefore grayed out. The direct folder location does exist and is therefore green but I want to tokenise it.

Click the Browse/Add button and select the folder where the LAS files for this hole actually live. The wizard will tokenise the path and add it to the list. I can then remove the direct folder version from the list.

You can also simply type the path into the box above (using tokens where required) and see the interpretation in the list below as you type.

Do the same for Core Photos and Rehab Photos. The other settings are less important. When you’re done, just click the Save button and Close. You should now be able to load LAS files without having to go hunting for them each time.

Note: In the above example you might be tempted to remove the grayed out option because the folder doesn’t exist. However, while that one might be wrong for this hole, it might be right for another. Other projects might have slightly different folder structures so don’t be too quick to remove them.

If you still can’t get it to work, let us know your folder structure and we can provide appropriate settings that should work for you.

Tip: If you have a Windows Explorer window open on another screen you can always drag and drop LAS files straight onto TM!

Note: When setting up multiple alternate folders, ensure child folders are listed before their parents. TM stops searching (unless “Search all folders” is ticked) when it finds a folder that exists.


Advanced Settings

The Wizard can only go so far, if you have a complex folder structure it might not be smart enough to figure it out. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, it just means it might need that human touch. For example, if your projects are organised into folders by year drilled we can still tokenise that but it will need to be done manually.

Again, if you’re having trouble, let us know…we like a challenge!

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